Springfield man punches girlfriend several times in her face and back during argument

40-year-old Steven Drew was charged with two accounts of domestic assault after he dragged his girlfriend by her hair and punched her when she tried running into a bedroom to get away from him after an argument became physical.

On November 4th, 2019, Officer Renken responded to a domestic dispute when he made contact with the victim and her mother who live together. They stated that the defendant, Steven Drew, lived at the residence for approximately two years as the victim’s boyfriend but he moved out a few months ago. He still frequently comes over to the house, per report.

Steven Drew (MCSO)
Steven Drew (MCSO)

The couple began to argue which became physical after the victim ran to the bedroom and Drew grabbed her by her hair and drug her across the floor and hit her several times with his fist. She stated that she tried covering her face and that’s when he started hitting her in the back as well. Police noted that they saw red marks on her back and side suggesting that her story was factual. Drew had left the residence before police showed up.

On May 17th, Steven Drew was arrested and charged with two accounts of domestic assault, driving on a suspended license, unlawful removal of registration decal or plate, and for having out of county warrants. His bond was set at $36,500.

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