Soldier slams wife’s head into headboard, threatens to kill himself over taking daughter

31-year-old Jacob Barnhardt was charged for choking his wife and hitting her head on a headboard after finding out she had an affair. He also threatened to kill himself if the police or his wife’s mother came to take his daughter.

On May 2nd, Officer Robinson responded to a suicide threat to make contact with the victim who said that she was at her mother’s house after arguing with the defendant, Jacob Barnhardt. She said they began arguing about her affair. When he asked for her cell phone she refused, and that caused him to choke her until she gave it to him. Once Barnhardt went through her phone, he then slammed her head against the headboard and began choking her again. The victim waited until he went to the bathroom when she escaped to her mother’s house, stated.

Jacob Barnhardt (MCSO)
Jacob Barnhardt (MCSO)

She said that while at her mother’s house she and Barnhardt were texting. He texted her saying he was not going to allow anyone to come to get his daughter and if he saw any police or her mother he would kill himself. Officer Robinson reported that he did see bruising on the victim’s neck.

When the officer made contact with Barnhardt he told Officer Robinson that he only verbally argued about the affair and that things did not get physical. Military Police were notified that he was being transported to Montgomery County Jail and that police removed all weapons from his home for safekeeping.

Jacob Barnhardt was arrested and charged with aggravated domestic assault. His bond was set at $10,000.

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