Man admits to breaking into vehicle but only to escape the rain

Aaron Sponaugle, 37, was charged with vehicle burglary after getting caught rummaging through a vehicle at Tennova Hospital.

Aaron Sponaugle (MCSO)
Aaron Sponaugle (MCSO)

Perry Ford, the victim, returned to his 1990 Chevy Pickup after exiting Tennova Hospital and found the defendant, Aaron Sponaugle, rummaging through his truck. Aaron was detained and then transported to 3CI where he was read his Miranda Rights. Aaron agreed to speak with law enforcement officers without any legal counsel present. Aaron then went on to admit that he was indeed inside Perry’s vehicle but only to stay dry due to the heavy rain.

Aaron Sponaugle was arrested and charged with Vehicle Burglary. His bond was set at $7,500.

Drew Burnett

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