Kentucky man burgles home with victim inside; caught by cameras and text messages

32-year-old Jarron Ramsey was charged with aggravated burglary when he entered an unlocked front door of a residence to steal two laptops while his victim was home. Camera footage and text messages later revealed the incident.

On May 6th, around 3 pm the defendant, Jarron Ramsey allegedly entered the victim’s home unlawfully through an unlocked front door. The victim was at home during the incident and was unaware of Ramsey being inside his home. Security cameras inside caught Ramsey stealing two laptops from the residence.

Jarron Ramsey (MCSO)
Jarron Ramsey (MCSO)

Also, there were text messages from a co-defendant that collaborated that it was Ramsey in the home. The approximate value of the two laptops combined is $2,000. Ramsey entered the home without the victim’s knowledge with the intent to commit a theft.

On May 14th, Jarron Ramsey was arrested and charged with aggravated burglary. His bond was set at $50,000.

Sebastian Shaw

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