Homeless man reports assault, gets charged with public intoxication

27-year-old Christopher O’Quinn was charged with public intoxication after he showed up in a woman’s yard complaining of being assaulted down the street and ended up being taken to jail for his own protection and to stop him from annoying people.

On May 19th, Tammy Labar of 1160 Lafayette Road told law enforcement Christopher O’Quinn was in her yard telling her he had been assaulted at 1204 Lafayette Road and needed help.

Police spoke with O’Quinn and investigated the assault claim. The police found nothing to substantiate the assault claim and O’Quinn was very lethargic, appearing to be under the influence. O’Quinn couldn’t take care of himself in his current state.

Being homeless, he had nowhere for the police to take him for care. The police proceeded to charge him for being intoxicated in public and to prevent him from annoying Labar further. O’Quinn has a lengthy history.

Christopher O’Quinn was arrested and charged with public intoxication. His bond was set at $439.

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