Cunningham woman charged in a parking lot incoherent, irate with a drained 12-pack

65-year-old Sabrina Watkins was charged with public intoxication when she was reported for driving into a business parking lot talking incoherently with a mostly empty 12-pack in her vehicle.

On March 19th, Officer Potter was called to 320 Salem Road for a welfare check on a report about a woman that drove into a business lot and was muttering unintelligibly. When making initial contact with Sabrina Watkins, officers observed her to be “agitated, yelling and demanding to go home.”

Sabrina Watkins (MCSO)
Sabrina Watkins (MCSO)

There was some difficulty locating her keys and at least 10 empty and 2 unopened beer cans were found in her vehicle. She refused treatment from emergency medical services and attempted to jump in her car and flee when apprehended. The owner of the business located at 320 Salem Road was annoyed and asked that Watkins’ car be towed.

Sabrina Watkins was arrested and charged with public intoxication. Her bond was set at $439.

Trish Butler

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