Clarksville woman receives judicial diversion after leaving animals in storage unit with no food or water

Tanya Larsen (MCSO)

22-year-old Tanya Larsen was given one year of probation with judicial diversion, after being charged with 5 counts of animal cruelty when she left several cats and a dog inside a locked storage unit. 3 of the cats were in a single-cat carrier, the dog had no room to move, and there was no food or water. Her charge will be expunged after probation.

On 11/18/19, police were called to Woodlawn Mini Storage about a cat that was found in a unit. When police arrived, they met with Daphne Taylor, the owner of the Mini Storage. She explained to officers that she was there to lock out a unit and found a cat inside. She further stated that on Friday 11/15/19 while she was  there, she found a female Tanya Larsen and a male living inside of unit #35 with a dog and several cats.

Tanya Larsen (MCSO)
Tanya Larsen (MCSO)

Ms. Taylor told Larsen that they could not live in the unit. After finding the cat in an unrelated unit, Ms. Taylor decided to take a look at unit #35. She stated she could head a dog and cats inside. Ms. Taylor had someone on the premises to cut the lock while officers were present. When the unit was opened, a large black dog was in the front right corner of the unit and came rolling out when the door was opened. There were three cats in the front left corner inside a small pet carrier meant for a single cat.

There were so many personal belongings inside the unit that the dog had no room to move around. There was no access to food or water. Police made contact with Ms. Larsen and met with her where she is staying at, the Gateway Motel. Ms. Larsen gave the statement that she would go and check on the animals, but that she hadn’t been there since the night of 11/17/19. When asked if animals are allowed at the motel, Ms. Larsen said that they are, but couldn’t explain why they weren’t with her.

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Tanya Larsen was taken into custody and booked on 5 counts of animal cruelty, and given a $5,000 bond. On November 27th, Judge Raymond Grimes dismissed 4 of the 5 counts, and gave her judicial diversion and 12 months of probation on the 5th charge, and added the condition the animals would be surrendered to animal control. Larsen set up payment arrangements of $50 per month, and this case is set to be expunged from her record in November of 2020 as if it never happened – except for this article, because, the internet is forever.

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