Clarksville woman charged for threatening two women with a knife while intoxicated

68-year-old Janice Schwenz was charged with aggravated assault after threatening two women with a knife while intoxicated at Wize Guys.

On March 21st, Officer Manuel De La Garza was dispatched to Wize Guys at 1506 Fort Campbell Blvd in reference to a fight in progress. Upon arrival, contact was made with Janice Schwenz who was laying on the floor and was bleeding from her nose. Janice told police she was assaulted by two females and was kicked in the face while on the ground.

Police then spoke with Brandon Oakley, who stated he broke up the fight and witnessed Janice confront the two females, who were later identified as Nichole Prete and Dawn Gage. Nichole told officers that Janice approached her and Dawn while holding a knife in her hand and eventually put it to her neck. She said Janice then fell because she was so intoxicated, and while down Nichole kicked the knife away from her but inadvertently kicked her in the face while doing so.

Brittany Geigan, who called in the complaint, spoke with officers and corroborated Nichole’s story. Brittany said she also secured the knife and gave it to officers. The owner of the business took a picture of Janice holding the knife and provided that to officers as evidence.

Janice Schwenz was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. Her bond was set at $20,000.

Joshua Beal

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