Child throws tea at father during talks of going home

30-year-old Daman Mann was charged with domestic assault after he reportedly chucked a glass of tea in his father’s general direction out of frustration during a discussion of returning to India.

On November 6th, Clarksville Police Department Officer Ronald Brown was dispatched to the residence at 3015 Outfitters Drive in response to a call about a domestic in progress. When Officer Brown arrived on the scene, he made contact with Daman Mann and his father, Rajesh Mann, and inquired about the incident.

Daman Mann (MCSO)
Daman Mann (MCSO)

Rajesh stated that his son Daman became upset when he was asked why he was hesitant to return home to India. He reportedly threw a cup of tea at his father in frustration. According to the report, Daman admitted to throwing it, but, “not directly at his father.” Rajesh reported that he felt assaulted by the act of throwing the tea and Sunita Mann, the mother, was there to verify that an altercation took place, but made no comment on whether the tea was thrown at him directly. Based on the collected information Officer Brown placed Daman under arrest for domestic assault.

Daman Mann was arrested and charged with domestic assault. He was later released on a bond of $250.

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