Canine attack on daughter results in domestic assault charge for Clarksville man

29-year-old Justin Stokes was charged with domestic assault after a dog bite resulted in Stokes being forced to vacate the premises. While gathering his belongings, Stokes allegedly shoved his girlfriend against the wall and told her something along the lines of “you have something coming,” per report.

On May 26th, Officer Greenman was dispatched to Spencer Ln in regards to a call of domestic violence. Upon arrival, Greenman met with the girlfriend of Justin Stokes, who informed law enforcement that while in an argument with Stokes earlier in the morning, her daughter was bitten by her boyfriend’s dog. After taking her daughter to the hospital, the woman returned to her residence to find Stokes packing his belongings into his vehicle in order to vacate the premises.

Justin Stokes (MCSO)
Justin Stokes (MCSO)

The woman stated that she would assist Stokes in this endeavor, aiding him in gathering up his items from the residence. While doing this, Stokes allegedly shoved the woman against the wall. After this act, Stokes proceeded to head up the stairs into the home, turning around and saying something along the lines of “you have something coming,” per the affidavit. Following Stokes’ remarks, the woman went into the house and grabbed a 9 mm handgun. The woman stated to never have pointed the weapon at Stokes but kept it in her possession to avoid the risk of further assault.

According to Stokes, the couple did become involved in a verbal altercation but claims to have never touched his then-girlfriend. Stokes claimed that the woman began to toss his items down the stairs while he was gathering his belongings in order to leave the residence. Stokes proceeded to accuse the woman of striking him in the nose. Following the alleged hit, Stokes retreated to the garage, in which the woman followed with a firearm in hand. Stokes reportedly recorded the incident, but his domestic history led to the determination that he was the primary aggressor during the incident.

Justin Stokes was arrested and charged with domestic assault. His bond was set at $250.

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