Woman beats husband while he holds their child

26-year-old Olivia Warrick was charged with domestic assault after she hit her husband multiple times and scratched him with car keys while he was holding their child.

Man surrenders malnourished puppy to Animal Control; charged with animal cruelty

44-year-old Johnny Evitts was charged with cruelty to animals after failing to give adequate food, water, and shelter to a litter of puppies.

K9 sniffs out man’s hidden stash during traffic stop

30-year-old Charles Bailey was charged with simple possession of heroin and unlawful drug paraphernalia after he denied consent to be searched during a traffic stop and a K9 unit was brought out for a “public odor sniff.”

Intoxicated woman found lying in parking lot

42-year-old Alejandra Carachuri-Diaz was charged with public intoxication after she was found lying in the parking lot of El Bracero.

KTK manager and “DJ CutD” charged with reckless endangerment in event center shooting

34-year-old Eric Phillips, manager of KTK in Clarksville, and 30-year-old Deundrae “DJ Cut D” Harmon were charged with reckless endangerment when they fired shots at the Eagle Event Center during a party after a fight broke out.

Man tells wife he feels seizure coming, then attacks her over texts to another man

35-year-old Nicholas Follis and 29-year-old Jessica Scott were charged with domestic assault after their argument over Scott sending texts to another man turned physical.

Man charged after officer views video of him smacking wife’s bottom

49-year-old Michael Chitwood was charged with domestic assault after his wife reported to police that they were soon-to-be-divorced and he kept touching her despite her asking him to stop. His wife was also recently arrested for his assault.

Clarksville meter maid issues $40 overtime fine to Scoop employee, $10 to other citizens

Clarksville city code allows for a $10 fine to be issued for staying past the time on a parking meter on the Street. After Scoop: Clarksville began calling out the bad practices of the meter maids last month, who were standing at cars waiting for them to expire, some employees are now receiving $40 tickets, in violation of city code.