Southside man charged after stating “I’m going to beat your a– old man”

20-year-old Jacob Chester was charged with domestic assault when he told officers he had stated “I’m going to beat your ass old man” to a male he lives with. The man added he was afraid because Chester threatened to shoot him. No gun was recovered.

Man caught on Lincoln Homes trespass list yields drug charges for four

22-year-old Jaquan Hodge was charged with possession of marijuana for resale, simple possession, possession of a firearm while committing a dangerous felony, unlawful drug paraphernalia, and contempt when police recognized him on the criminal trespass list entering a Lincoln Homes residence.

17-year-old boy charged with murder of grandmother, attempted murder of step-father

Ellsworth Drive (Source: Google)

A 17-year-old boy was charged with criminal homicide and attempted criminal homicide after the early morning domestic incident. The murder occurred May 11th on the 2000 block of Ellsworth Drive. The boy was reportedly adopted and his grandmother Mary Carney died from her injuries. Clarksville Police Department reported his step-father survived and is recovering.

Clarksville man hits mother and beats brother when he tries to comfort her

38-year-old Jessie Whitworth was charged with two counts of domestic assault when he beat his mother in the head and then bloodied his brother when he rushed to help her.

Nashville woman pushed her boyfriend when he picked up her… ??? (Best Guess Gets $50!)

29-year-old Josie Bahr was charged with domestic assault when her boyfriend picked up something of hers and she took it back and shoved him. What did he take that prompted Josie to push him? We can’t tell through the redaction … can you? Let us know in the comments and join us on Good Morning Clarksville at 7 AM for the results! You might win $50!