Man charged with stalking ex-girlfriend outside her home at midnight

45-year-old Elias Mejia was charged with stalking after police were notified that he was found outside his ex-girlfriend’s house around midnight. He had been previously warned to stop contacting her and a harassment report had been filed just two days prior.

K-9 sniff test nets 8 grams of cocaine after taillight stop

31-year-old Brandy Pennala was charged with resisting arrest after being stopped by a police officer for not having her taillights on at night. The police officer discovered cocaine on her person.

Man charged during traffic stop with cocaine possession, tampering, and resisting arrest

58-year-old Craig Lindquist was charged with possession of cocaine, unlawful drug paraphernalia, resisting arrest, and tampering with evidence when he was found during a traffic stop to be in possession of cocaine and glass pipes. He then refused to cooperate with police.

Drunk woman in Sango ER fights staff and strikes police officer

24-year-old Lacy Squires was charged with assault on an officer and public intoxication after she was reported for being intoxicated in the Tennova ER in Sango where she was being combative with staff and kicked an officer in the face, per report.