Soldier blows 0.128 on breathalyzer test after hitting mailbox & landing in neighboring yard

28-year-old Nathan Evans was charged with DUI, no insurance, and failure to exercise due care after he drifted from the roadway and struck a mailbox, proceeding to claim he hydroplaned even though the ground was dry.

Man admits to officers he drank before driving down Sango Road

31-year-old John Clark was charged with his first DUI, a stop sign violation, and lack of insurance after admitting to officers that he drank alcohol before driving.

Man chucks chair through window while trying to fight two women

33-year-old Mario Hackett was charged with aggravated burglary after attempting to fight three people and throwing a chair through the front window of an apartment.

Palmyra woman caught with stolen Visa card during breaking & entering investigation

24-year-old Brittany Coombs was charged with theft. Coombs matched the description of woman suspected of breaking into a home in the area of Vernon Creek. When police made contact with her they found a stolen Visa card.

Construction workers threatened by man with a handgun

feat Kupcho David

36-year-old David Kupcho was charged with aggravated assault and felony possession of a firearm after brandishing a handgun to a group of construction workers.

Nashville woman nearly causes collisions on I-24; tells officer she was “just tired”

31-year-old Mary Muse was charged with her first driving under the influence and failure to maintain lane after she was observed swerving on Interstate 24. She denied being intoxicated and told the officer it was because she was tired.

Man caught taking photos up a woman’s dress in TJ Maxx

29-year-old Jacob Ferguson was charged with unlawful photographing after he was seen taking upskirt photos of a woman while following her around in TJ Maxx.

Fugitive felons caught with meth, LSD, firearm after reckless parking lot driving

feat Brashears - Wiseman

28-year-old Nicholas Wiseman and 29-year-old Ashley Brashears were charged with possession of meth & LSD for resale, felony firearm danger, felon going armed, and paraphernalia and Wiseman was additionally charged with reckless driving on a suspended license during a traffic stop in a Walmart parking lot.

Oak Grove man caught blazing down I-24 with expired tags

33-year-old Eric Payne-Bey was charged with possession of marijuana, paraphernalia, and expired tags after being seen smoking what was thought to be weed while driving on Interstate 24.